Summer Read Romance 2018

Strawberries, perhaps above anything else, symbolise for us that summer is shortly upon us. With the arrival of strawberries, hardly surprisingly, appear the first of the summer read offerings; new titles warming up on the start line – final positioning tweaks before being launched.

Writing a perfect summer read novel, an author will seek to provide readers with the perfect answer to the beginning of long warm and deservedly lazy evenings in the garden, a spontaneous weekend escape from homes or books hurriedly bought for distant vacations; a much cherished opportunity to finally make up for lost reading time throughout the remainder of the year.

The Clarissa book series is written precisely for such moments. What makes a perfect summer read? For sure, for lovers of fiction, there needs to be a refreshing and entertaining story line. A narrative which provides a distraction from everyday life. A writing style with enough pace to indulge us in delaying or even completely disregarding our usual chores and responsibilities?

When I started out with the idea of a perfect summer read represented by the Clarissa series I imagined a story line which would appeal to contemporary women readers looking for a provocative theme. Romance? Why not. Sex? A welcome ingredient. Intimate love scenes intertwined with humour – in truth, a rarity in many books. Researching, I found most women’s romance novels have similar copy paste approach to love making scenes. Perhaps the leading characters betray their partners and so on; generally women’s romance books have familiar and almost repetitive story lines.

Clarissa is intended as a provocative departure from the mainstream storylines in the category of women’s romance. During the writing of the Clarissa series my sample target group of women confirmed and praised the provocative freshness and candidness of Clarissa’s intimate thoughts and seldom found experiences.

There’ll be more about the storyline in future blogs shortly.

For the time being, before the strawberry season finishes, a short competition. “Abandoned Building” marks the beginning of the Private Sessions series of short reads – more precisely “one hour” short reads according to Amazon. These are cheap to buy short stories. My proposal is that the contributors of the six best published reviews to appear on my website will receive an author signed copy of the first Clarissa book the moment it’s available in mid- June.

Happy reading and looking forward to hearing from you!



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