Forgive Me If I Disagree

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The author delves deep into his family history and uncovers closely guarded secrets kept concealed for fifty years which lead him to the truth behind his real parentage. After the truth is exposed, the author begins his search for reasons which could justify the secrets. His emotional journey highlights the strength of family bonds, loyalty and affection. The differences in society and cultural expectations between the 1960s and the 21st Century are explored, along with the validity of keeping a secret for such a length of time. When, if ever, is there a good time to tell a family member the truth about their birth? The story is told in simple language.

From the book:

I’ve rehearsed this story before in similar circumstances. Without fail, every time when I reach the end of my story there is the familiar unbelieving expression on all my listeners’ faces. On each of these occasions the reaction is almost identical.

“No way! Amazing! These things only happen in films.”

My reply remains the same, but on this occasion for the final time, I reply,

“All very well.” As I look round the table, “but films generally come from books. Even for all my story telling abilities there’s a distinct difference between what you’ve experienced and that of putting it down on paper as a story writer.”

“Just tell it on paper as you told it to us. You must do it. It’ll work.”

In Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” supposedly the pilgrims were the story tellers and Chaucer was their story writer. Chaucer does this very convincingly. Craftily he adopts the straight language spoken by his characters. More than likely, there weren’t any pilgrims; it doesn’t really matter. The stories are powerful and equally important are the timeless morals embedded by the author in each tale.

I’ve got just one tale like that – my tale written in plain language. If the moral is relevant, my new crusade would have been worthwhile.


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