The first book in the new Clarissa series due to be released on 12th June (20th June in Poland). The ideal summer vacation companion in the genre of women’s fiction; a delicious blend of light humour mixed with provocative erotica just enough to set the holiday imagination flowing.

Clarissa, the central character, a supporting wife, mother of two growing up children and successful career person, wakes one day to the reality that her life was once different; a time before a life dominated by responsibilities and social correctness. The pivotal reflection is as she recalls a train journey shared with an incidental elderly woman. Just as Clarissa has her thoughts, life springs new opportunities and surprises as she’s asked by her bosses to spend six months abroad. The introduction to new friends has her embarking on a journey of intimate rediscovery; a journey which, by the end of the series, will ultimately introduce her to an entirely new understanding of happiness and fulfilment.

“When you reach happiness there is nothing else you want but to be happy” – Aristotle.

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In the meantime, below is a sample fragment from the second book in the series for your enjoyment:

Excerpt from Book 2 – Clarissa Temptations

In the evening, Jonathan’s Greek acquaintances came for dinner. During their meal, Constantin, sitting opposite, had been explaining how he was building up an international real estate business. Bulgaria. Holiday resorts. This was the latest trend after Spain. Bulgaria offered tax breaks and, in some complicated scheme which only Jonathan seemed to follow, capital and surplus income could drift discreetly off shore.

Ottilie, Constantin’s wife, ambitious to keep up with the conversation and devoted to her husband, also listened with undivided attention. It occurred to Clarissa that she was the least involved with their conversation. Feeling a mix of boredom and playfulness, she sneaked her hand under the table cloth. Let’s just see how good your concentration is, my darling, she thought to herself while keeping a poker face in the company of everyone at the table. Her hand wandered unnoticed towards Jonathan’s flies, which, slower than ever, she unzipped carefully, sliding her hand underneath. Jonathan, on whom she had never played such a game before, allowed her to carry on . . . but for how long? He was a master at keeping poker faces. It was written into his profession as a lawyer.

So far so good. Time to step up her playfulness. Just at the moment she began caressing his manhood through his thin boxer shorts, it was Jonathan’s turn to speak. He began explaining, in a familiar tone of voice, the complications of linking offshore funds with eventual probate in the case of unfortunate accidents. Clarissa applied pressure. Jurisdictions. The word didn’t come out in the earlier tone. In fact, the word had a shrill about it. Jurisdictions.

Jonathan tried to continue with predictability. Predictability – was it possible that he was now losing his train of thoughts? Clarissa began finding Jonathan’s predicament increasingly amusing. Handle yourself, my darling. She slipped her hand into the gap in his boxer shorts, which had opened in the course of his erection.

Christ! He still isn’t stopping me, but in a moment, he’s going to start speaking total gibberish. Surely Constantin would shortly begin to get confused – his wife probably even sooner. What next? Spare him till later or continue her course? Jonathan wasn’t giving her any signals. She’d wandered into a game she herself now wasn’t even sure of. Was Jonathan taking more sips of wine than customary? She delighted in observing his behaviour.

Constantin now took his turn to speak. She felt Jonathan relax a moment. “Land in Bulgaria. This is my big dilemma,” he began.

“How’s that?” answered Jonathan, now back to his normal voice. So, Clarissa thought to herself, you’ve neatly adjusted to your predicament. Time to turn things up a peg. She eased the full length of her hand along his penis and pulled back his moist, very moist, foreskin to expose the head.

“Fruits. Export. I have many ships. I can come into any port I chose. If I farm my own produce, I make bigger profits. But I tie up my capital in Bulgaria and not in safe offshore funds.”

In any normal situation, Jonathan would know exactly how to answer his friend. He turned to Ottilie, who was no less attentively waiting for his answer.

“Bulgaria,” he began once again in a desperate tone, “is not … a legal system … completely familiar to me. In fact, we’ve talked about setting up . . .  an agency arrangement. with a legal practice out there.” How would they understand his inexplicable stalling? No, she needed to stop right there. Jonathan, surely this is suicidal. You won’t manage this.

“I can buy more ships. I have many customers to buy my products. Many friends in many countries. Clarissa, your company buys concentrates for drink-making.”

Suddenly, all eyes were on her. She’d been out of the conversation for at least twenty minutes. Now she needed to engage herself while having happily been busy with Jonathan’s penis. Her hand was still wrapped firmly around its stiff shaft. Now they were expecting her to also speak. She could imagine Jonathan laughing deep inside. So, my darling, the ball’s now in your court.

“Yes, Constantin, we buy a lot of concentrates. We buy them from every continent. Shipping concentrates is cheaper than making them from raw fruits brought to the UK.” Wow, Clarissa thought to herself. She’d done well even if her voice was dry. She took a sip of wine with her remaining free hand. Eyes remained on her.

Multi-tasking – the domain of women, who, no one could dispute, did it better than men. Talk and stroke at the same time. Jonathan, relax and relish the moment. She transmitted her thoughts, hoping they didn’t wander into the heads of her guests.

“I can make concentrates in Bulgaria. Cheap labour. Many fruits. I can make you an offer to buy from me. High quality, perfect delivery.” Constantin had had a second agenda in meeting with them.

Jonathan must have talked about her during earlier meetings. Constantin was focused on a business opportunity and dismissive of anything else that could be taking place. Ottilie still followed her husband. She’d clearly been primed that the topic would be raised.

Adding a friskiness to her hand movement, Clarissa replied, “We have pioneered many new flavours during the history of the company. Tropical fruits are the latest addition. I’m sure we’re on the lookout for new possibilities.” Possibilities, Jonathan, what do you think? Possible or not?

“I have concentrate plants. I can make one in Bulgaria. I can offer you many concentrates. Always fresh and always top-quality presses which squeeze only the best from fruits.”

Too much! She’d burst out laughing at any moment. Constantin … what are you talking about? Jonathan had clearly been thinking the same and suddenly her hand was completely wet.

“Fresh is good. Constantin, you are in touch with Jonathan. I’ll speak to some people and I’ll arrange for you to make an offer. I’m HR but I know the right people who handle buying.” Clarissa, in the course of her reply, retrieved her hand, having tucked Jonathan’s “bed snake” snugly away in what was undoubtedly a soaked pair of boxer shorts.

End of excerpt…