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I couldn’t think of a more suitable title. My first time. Excitement and trepidation. I guess when I finish and press “publish”, I’ll have lost my blog virginity. The next time will not have quite the same heightened emotions I’m feeling right now. I’ll have become a blogger. From thereon it will become a case of chiselling and perfecting my skills in the hope of delivering ever more satisfying results.

Blogs. Public intimacy? Not quite the same as loosing your virginity which in my deepeset distant recollections is generally an entirely intimate experience not shared in public unless you belonged to the aristocracy in an different era. But what is the theme which runs through blogs and their purpose? I can’t think of a anything more appropriate than sharing your private thoughts and observations with a wide audience. So, to embark as a blogger I have to shed my shyness. I have to be resolute and engage with my audience. Engage? The words that springs to mind is Empathy. I like that word. Find an empathy with your audience yet be prepared to provoke and challenge. That appeals to me. I’ll adopt is as a commong thread for my future blogs. For the time being and until the next time please allow me just to enjoy my moment of losing my virginity. A cigarette afterwards? More than likely….. so kindly leave me now to reflect and enjoy my first time…..and I’ll just finish by saying…….we’ll be in touch.

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  • jlauriger Posted 23rd May 2018 10:15 am

    I Love this Blog – Test

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