Jack Lauriger

Essentially. A nomad accompanied through life by his favourite and most authentic Panama hat. Aged three, which means without having much to say in the matter, I was uprooted to London from Zakopane, in the tranquil and inspiring southern Polish highlands where I was born.

More or less from when I could join up letters I uncovered a passion for writing which shortly afterwards extended to a passion for photography. As tools of the trade I’ve had equally as many fountain pens as cameras. I mentioned my nomadic life? To everyone and anyone, I’m from somewhere else. North of Oxford I’m a southerner and vice versa. Since 1994 a hint of a Polish accent has seeped in through the back door yet not enough to conceal thirty years of upbringing in England.

At present? Living in Wroclaw – a beautiful historical city in a beautiful region of Europe. Together with my wife we follow with admiration the lives of our five grown up children who in an uncanny way share many of our passions. DNA is extraordinary but clearly addictive. For the remainder of the time my wife patiently, supportively and most curious of all, voluntarily, engages actively in my two passions.

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