“A Private Life Is A Happy Life” – what is that truly about?

We can agree, happiness is something which, once experienced, we want to hang on to. We’ve all had those moments and we enjoy recalling them.

Happiness can be shared but it can also be personal. The old lady on the train in my first Clarissa book, the first of a six part series, gives us a clue and is a theme which runs through all my stories.

Very possibly my stories are provocative. Maybe they’re highly intimate yet without the all too familiar copy paste erotica. My excuse is that in the case of my stories they’re inspired by women which give them an authenticity. I’m told  the observations, with the exception of a few authors, are candid and sincere. Above all, I try to give my stories a refreshing new angle.

Above all, I love to be inspired by my Readers.

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Jack Lauriger

“Clarissa is finely balanced with a sound storyline and an Author who is quickly becoming one of my favourites!

Atmosphere and emotion draws a reader inwards and Jack manages this with relative ease.  The pages almost turned by themselves! The letters formed words, and the words formed sentences, and before I knew it I was near to the ending and the day had slipped away from me!!

So thank you Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed Clarissa and look forward to your next novel with great eagerness! ”

Angela Sandford

Goodreads reviewer

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